All children’s meals come with the Alpha’s famous fries and a refillable fountain soda. You know you could have a vegetable in the place of fries; if your mother really wanted you to.

Fish & Chips
We know, you wanted to go to Long John Silvers for dinner

Junior Alpha Burger
A great flame-broiled burger with you choice of cheese, if you please

Hot Dog
Go ahead, bang a mutt. An all-beef quarter pound dog

Grilled Cheese
American cheese, butter, white bread; enough said

Try it with red sauce or with butter & Parmesan

Liver & Onions
Go ahead, we dare you

Baby Chimichangas
Two flour tortillas loaded with chicken & cheese served with sour cream and french fries

Junior Eagle
Get your cholesterol just as high as everyone else’s at the table. Ground Beef, bacon, American cheese, fried egg & french fries

Choke & Slide
It’s peanut butter and jelly time; served with french fries

Grilled Chicken Salad
Everything that you love about the big one, except a little smaller and NO ONIONS!

Chicken Tenders
Three boneless tenders served with honey mustard. We put it at the end so you would have to practice your reading

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